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At heineken vietnam, we believe that sustainability and business goes hand in hand. A unique portfolio of distinctive brands that meet the needs and expectations of customers and enthusiasts around the world. Sma is represented in all important photovoltaic markets in 21 countries. At the beginning of fy17, the composition of ikea group changed when ikea range, supply and production activities were transferred from the ikea group to the inter ikea group. Sustainability report 2012 heineken serbia 03 sustainability report 2012 overview. With this report we share the agenda of heineken nv and how al ahram beverages translates this agenda speci. This printed report summarises heinekens progress on brewing a better future in 2012. Sustainability report 2012 contents foreword 01 brewing a better future 02 value chain 03 what we said and what weve done 05 green brewer 07 green commerce 09 engaging employees 11 heineken cares responsible consumption 15 partnerships for progress 17 enabling our journey 19 stakeholder engagement and dialogue 20.

The goal of a companys governance policies and practices is literal sustainability sustainability of the companys. We see our strength in trust, diversity and progress. These have been agreed in consultation with our stakeholders and reflect the areas within which we can have the greatest impact. Jacobsen, carlsberg group is one of the leading brewery groups in the world today, with a large portfolio of beer and other beverage brands. Denner in todays world, things are more interconnected than ever before. According to heineken sustainability report 2009, heineken aims to. Heineken 2018 sustainability report heineken ireland. The housing and neighborhood development department hand is a housing and urban. Sustainability report 2015 al ahram beverages company. We place particular focus on the water and energy we use to brew our beers, as well as on reducing waste and recycling our byproducts. This printed report summarises heineken s progress on brewing a better future in 2012. For the global sustainability report 20, including. This creates complex ity and, often, we do not fully understand how our cur rent actions will impact on the future.

Sustainability report 2012 heineken serbia victoria consulting. The 2012 fiscal sustainability report analyses the sustainability of public finances in the member states, against the background of the impact of the financial, economic and fiscal crisis and the demographic ageing projected in the 2012 ageing report. Sustainability report 2012 sma at a glance energy that changes sma solar technology ag is a global leader of pv inverters and, as an energy management group, offers innovative key technologies for future power supply structures. Contents welcome committed to sustainability 01 overview brewing a better future 02. Sustainability report 2012 heineken is the worlds most international brewer, with more than 250 brands available in 178 countries.

In 2012, water metering was installed across the brewery. Summary sustainability report 2012 brewing a better future. In 2011, the average daily trading volume of heineken n. Improving the impact of packaging can be achieved by optimising the production process, changing the. Kirin group sustainability report 20 04 the kirin group is engaged in the manufacture and sales of alcohol beverages, nonalcohol beverages, foods, and pharmaceuticals in japan, the asiaoceania region, and other parts of the world. The project is part of a global initiative by heineken that has also been successfully employed in breweries in spain. This report is published alongside our annual report 2012, which contains detailed information about our business. Abc sustainability report 2015 md foreword jankees nieman, managing director jankees nieman managing director it gives me great pleasure to share with you our sustainability report for the year 2015.

By 2012 implement and audit employee rights and policy by developing training modules for employees high and medium safety risk functions, also set safety targets for other activities that are not relevant for production, heineken sustainability report 2009. Heineken has wide international presence through a global network of distributors and breweries. Heineken ireland sustainability report 2011 brewing a. Sustainability report 2014 2 introduction the big picture our focus areas values and behaviours appendices heineken is the worlds most international brewer with its brands available in 178 countries around the world. Voted britians most admired company in the 2011 management today awards. Welcome to our sustainability report 2012 about our report our sustainability report 2012, published in june 2012, covers our performance for fiscal 2012, which started on april 1, 2011, and ended on march 31, 2012.

Together with the management team, our leadership drives the sustainability agenda through all levels of our organization and encourages a culture of collaboration and innovation for sustainability at heineken. Our 2011 sustainability report was voted best in the ftse 250 by the building public trust awards judging panel. Heineken we are proud of our family history and dutch heritage and derive from them our entrepreneurial spirit that takes us to every corner of the world. Sustainability report 2012 heineken uk brewing a better. Pdf 6mb heineken nv sustainability report 2012 yumpu. Heineken owns and manages one of the worlds leading portfolios of beer brands and.

Heineken nv annual report 2019 the heineken company. Our longterm aspiration is to be the worlds greenest brewer. British airways and qantas launch partners 2002 travel agency bookings market leadership. Heineken nv sustainability report 2012 sustainability. Please fill out the form below and click place order to complete your order. Heineken full 2015 sustainability report can be accessed and. In contrast to some attempts to integrate reporting, heineken does a good job, including sustainability references almost from cover to cover.

Heineken ireland sustainability report 2011 7 what we said we will do by 2012 1 what weve done in 2011 responsible consumption develop enjoy heineken responsibly ehr to include ontrade execution. We believe that acting responsibly is not a luxury but rather the foundation for continued qualitative growth. Through its consolidation of asia pacific breweries, heineken becomes an even more diversified global brewer, with an increasing presence in fast growing markets. For the first time, heineken has integrated sustainability information in its annual report and no longer publishes a separate sustainability report. This sustainability report is designed to provide transparency regarding our activities from 2009 to 2011. Click the button below to request a report when hardcopies become available. Improving the impact of packaging can be achieved by. Sustainability report 2012 overview improve empower impact appendices brewing a better future for our stakeholders and communities improving the environmental impact of our business empowering our people and communities positively impacting the role of beer in society additional information, tables, and backgrounds ceo foreword overview. Our sustainability reports present and discuss aspects of our sustainability strategies, policies and performance relating to environmental, social, governance and economic issues. Outlined in this report are the four focus areas for the coming three years. Sustainability report 2014 pdf format available in english and japanese based on information available on the corporate website, this report provides materials that are of particular interest to stakeholders, as well as initiatives that were significant to the kirin group during the previous fiscal year. The 2012 data is based on 293 entities, compared to 256 entities in 2011. Heineken, we continued to benefit from the positive evolution of our investment as the company again made great progress in the execution of its global strategy. A producing bottles, cans and kegs beer is packed in cans, bottles and kegs or sold as cellar beer.

Sustainability is one of our core business priorities, and brewing a better world. This report, along with additional information available online, explains the groups sustainability performance in 2012. Heineken, sustainability report 2012 pdf heinekennv. The global flow of goods, business, and capital means that change is becoming ever faster and more frequent. The first part our responsibility contains an overview of our business. Heineken ireland sustainability report 2011 9 it is our ongoing ambition to strive to do more with less and use natural resources as efficiently as possible, while maintaining the quality of our products. Fiscal sustainability report 2012 european commission.

The cooperative group sustainability report 2012 for over 150 years, our cooperative approach has meant that we can balance shortterm and longterm decisions for the benefit of our business, our members and the communities we serve. Contents foreword 01 brewing a better future 02 value chain 04. See page 83 for more information and read about the scope of this report on page 89. As of december 31, 2012, the group had approximately 41,000 employees, and comprised 257. It also charts the developments and progress of our ongoing sustainability journey. Unless otherwise stated, all information refers to activities undertaken between january 1, 2012 and december 31, 2012. Received 9 silver awards and bronze awards at the 2012 considerate constructors scheme national site awards. Sustainability report 2012 celebrating the companys 50 years anniversary, all employees of athenian brewery commit to its responsible growth, fully understanding that the financial, social, and environmental impact of our business activity is of utmost importance.

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