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It plays a very important role as a custody transfer meter. Major refinery uses reliable fiscal metering system. Displacement metering revised contains information relating to current industry practices and available equipment, as well as acceptable procedures for installing, testing, operating and maintaining largecapacity diaphragm and rotary displacement meters. Handbook of uncertainty calculations ultrasonic fiscal gas. Nmt is a division of norgas metering technologies, inc. Natural gas and electric service guide baltimore gas and. Unnikrishnanan4, pambavasan 5 dr jacob chandapillai 6 1 dd, 2cm, gil, 3sre, 4re, 5jrf, 6director compressed natural gas laboratory. A fiscal metering system essentially is a supervisory system for liquid and gas flow measurement. Ultrasonic metering overview brochure honeywell process solutions. Aga api auditing requirements of fiscal gas metering. Primary service 11 jan 19 simesig b generation facilities the general policy and requirements for the interconnection of generation on the dte system are contained in the michigan electric utility generation interconnection requirements, which can be found on the mpsc michigan public service commission or dte websites. According to your requirements, process systems proposes a wide range of flowmeters, including orifice fittings, mass flowmeters, turbine as well as ultrasonic meters. Natural gas meter meter placement national grid plc.

Gas metering equipment mgu now installs gas meters at the time a new service line is installed. Emerson gas ultrasonic metering system is the total solution. It shall comply with these service requirements except when existing metering equipment, in the opinion of craes, is satisfactory and adequate to register all current to be supplied. Metering best practices a guide to achieving utility resource efficiency gp sullivan.

Rules for electricity and natural gas submetering and for energy allocation equipment. On all installations involving more than one meter, each set of service entrance and metering equipment shall be legibly and permanently marked. Smart gas meter energy metering solutions stmicroelectronics. The preferred gas riser, meter and regulator location is outside and adjacent to the building being served. To keep our customers and employees safe, we have temporarily closed all of our branch office payment locations. Gas equipment is a world leader in sales of cryogenic, industrial gas, lng, and co2 transfer control equipment. The main advantages of redundant gas metering stations.

Oil and gas industry metering and control system wikipedia. Havard devold oil and gas production handbook an introduction. Now and in the future, were committed to providing safe and reliable natural gas and electric service. Please consider using our alternative payment locations. A gas meter room is a space within a building that is solely used to house natural gas metering equipment. Wpsc service manual revised 082019 section 4 gas metering page 5 of 10 42 meter size dimensions contd commercial meter 900 2200 cfh notes. Our equipment is focused towards cryogenic trailers, tanks, gas delivery systems and fill plant operations. A smart gas meter not only measures gas flow but use wireless communication to connect to local or wide area networks allowing infrastructure maintenance, remote location monitoring and automatic billing. Before requesting a new meter installation, please be sure the following items have been completed. Home page residential safety gas metering equipment gas metering equipment. In the case of electrical utility rtu, there is a critical need for precise event time monitoring so that the.

Integrated flow solutions fluid custody metering systems are designed for accurate measurement and sampling of various hydrocarbon liquids ranging in viscosity from 2 to 5,000 centistokes. Metering and measurement of oil and gas how it works ifs. Natural gas meter requesting a new natural gas meter thank you for choosing national grid. Mems micro electro mechanical system mass flow meters for city utility industry have been developed in several countries since late 1990s. Comprehensive oil and gas metering services help to ensure that oil and gas product measurement systems are designed, installed, operated and maintained in accordance with relevant standards and best practice. Gec represents a full range of comprehensive products for the industrial gas industry and lng market. The distinguishing feature of the remote gas well rtu is a gas flow computer. The system consists of a multipath ultrasonic flowmeter, process gas chromatograph and computer workstation installed, prewired and prepiped in a special airconditioned shelter with all auxiliary equipment and utilities. This process is performed without connecting to the customer fuel line. Fundamentals of gas pipeline metering stations pipeline.

Submitting a paperbased or emailbased application will require manual processing and will take longer time to process. The metering package assembly can also be provided with a supervision system. Wpsc service manual revised 082019 section 4 gas metering page 4 of 10 42 meter size dimensions contd commercial meter 250900 cfh notes. The primary purpose of a gas smart metering equipment product is to securely control supply and accurately and securely record and transmit, where appropriate, information about gas flows through smart gas meters. The role of oil and gas metering cannot be over emphasized, as it informs the operators of the actual production rates and allows reservoir engineers to predict well depletion and better control. Our services include independent metering expertise for natural gas measurement, lng, hydrocarbon allocation for production and transportation, multiphase metering, and metering for environmental compliance including emissions and pollution related legislation. Mgu now installs gas meters at the time a new service line is installed. This three day training course provides indepth insight into all aspects of fiscal metering and includes a site visit to a large custody transfer station. Low pressure gas metering regulating systems client. A wide range of equipment for oil and gas flow measurement is available on the market. On all installations involving more than one meter, each set of service entrance and metering equipment shall be legibly and permanently marked to designate the portion of the building that it supplies. One of the initiatives related to the utility meters is the smart metering infrastructure that. This is essentially a sophiscated subprogram or flow computer algorithm. Our goal is to work with you to install natural gas and electric service promptly and safely while meeting all construction codes and safety standards.

Each owner shall engage a qualified expert or factory representative to perform the equipment tests required by these terms and conditions. Natural gas and electric service guide for commercial, industrial and residential customers. Accurate and efficient operation of oil and gas metering equipment is critical to any installation han dling significant volumes of. Product measurement is the primary source of revenue determination in the industry and as a result, has a direct impact on profit. The challenges and solutions of flare gas metering. Mgu turns natural gas service on through the meter to a closed customer shutoff valve downstream on the meter set. Major refinery uses reliable fiscal metering system reliance industries ltd. Selecting the right equipment will depend on the type of fluid to be metered. The metering provision contained herein is an exception to the greenbook requirements and is designed primarily for communication antenna and equipment requiring electric service. The principal equipment of the fiscal metering system is the flowmeter and its associated flow computer. Equipment the size and class of primary switchgear or fused loadbreak interrupters and the characteristics of the primary fuses are to be specified by dte primary services. Metering best practices, a guide to achieving utility.

Identification of certain commercial equipment and instruments has been. Aug, 2012 the first version of the smart metering equipment technical specifications smets was designed to deliver functional interoperability in smart metering equipment to be installed during the. Also, if you are having trouble paying your bill, dont hesitate to call our customer contact center at 18004117343 to make payment arrangements. In the interest of safety and service continuity to the customer, the equipment furnished must be acceptable to dte.

Fiscal measurement is also referred to as custody transfer measurement. Custody transfer metering skid pipeline metering skid. To ensure proper design and placement of gas meters in safe, uniform, and. In the gas producing plant onshore or offshore, the gas metering system is the final stage of the production step before it send to the end user of the gas product. It also has leakage and shock detection systems that can greatly increase safety by detecting emergency situations and enabling the immediate. The first version of the smart metering equipment technical specifications smets was designed to deliver functional interoperability in smart metering equipment to be installed during the.

Achieve an understanding of metering technologies, equipment, and. Low pressure gas meteringregulating systems client. This handbook, entitled information and requirements for gas service, is issued as a means of exchanging pertinent information been nstar gas here after referred to as the company and its customers, architects, plumbers, engineers, builders, contractors and municipal inspectors. The flow measurement solutions alderley have provided to the gas industry range from single stream skids to complex, fully integrated multistream gas metering systems, and from 2. Gas metering system with 2 x 100% export meter streams, 4 ultrasonic meters and one import meter stream. Norgas controls submetering, gas submetering, submetering. But little material was found to quickly give the reader an overview of the entire upstream. Realtime reporting of energy consumption directly to consumers improves consumer awareness, leading to waste reduction and lower expenses.

Gas metering skid detailed engineering, 3d modeling. It also has leakage and shock detection systems that can greatly increase safety by detecting emergency situations and enabling the immediate and remote cutting of the gas flow in case of. Aga gas measurement manual revised, general part no. Since the netherlands adopted natural gas in the 1960s, dnv gl has been involved in the design and operation of natural gas metering stations. Do you require the isolation valves to be electric or manual. Customer piping must be electrically bonded per the national electrical code. Gas regulating and custody metering systems for domestic users design pressure. When we searched for a suitable introduction to be used for new. Gas metering station and scada system petroleum club. The oil well rtu is much less complex since liquid oil flow metering is simpler. A site visit may be required to discuss equipment details and metering requirements for more complex.

Depa, epa attika, epa thessaloniki gas distribution companies location. The same philosophy was maintained during construction, resulting in 3 separate skid units for easy transportation and. Flare gas is the surplus or waste gas produced in industrial processes. High accuracy of the gas volumes measurement, better than 0,5% fiscal measurement is controlled on line or periodically by control measurement high availability of the metering station, better than 99,9% high degree of confidence in gas measurement safe operation of gas metering stations. Systems generating 30kw or less when applying, use diis for the fastest and most accurate process. Installation effects at gas flow metering through parallel ultrasonic. It is an overview of the main processes and equipment. The uda will gather applicant load, equipment types, project scope, and location information to. Gas meters that are considered nonstandard or custom larger than 2m. Custody transfer metering system skidmounted pipeline metering skid, engineeredtoorder. Aga 9, for gas metering, recommends installing thermowells at least 2 to 5 pipe diameters downstream of the flowmeter.

Included funding for the metering research facility. Handbook of multiphase flow metering page 1 of 1 preface multiphase metering, and a handbook for providing the users, manufacturers and others some form of guidelines for handling multiphase flow measurement has been wanted by the industry from the start. Our goal is to work with you to install natural gas and electric service promptly and safely while. In the era of smart grids, smart metering entails not only the measurement of electricity, gas, water or heat consumption, but also communications from meter to data concentrator, or cloud.

Each gas metering station branches off of the pipeline and is used to reduce pressure and meter the gas to the various users. We conduct metering system audits, and offer metering consultancy services and training for metering staff. Flare gas systems are utilized all over the world as a safety mechanism to burn flammable gas rather than releasing it into the atmosphere. I discovered that much of the equipment is described in standards, equipment manuals and project documentation. By emerie dupuis daniel measurement and control, emerson. A portfolio of natural gas metering systems and services. This publication is a guide to the bges requirements and does not cover all the rules and. The company will not establish gas service to any customer until a representative of the company has made a test of all gas appliances by observing the meters when all appliances are shut off and gas pressure is on such piping and appliances.

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